Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's SOCCER time in Tennessee!

I know everyone is going bonkers about Tennessee football right now. The hysteria is getting out of control. And who can blame fans for being excited about this year's team?


But here's something we really SHOULD be hollerin' about, y'all: Lady Vols Soccer! Oh yeah. This weekend they're taking on the women of LSU. So let's get riled up, sing a few rounds of Rocky Top and chant "It's Soccer Time in Tennessee!"



PS — Oh yeah, give it up for pal Shona M. for providing this week's BOVB pic. She spotted it, photographed it and submitted it to the blog. Obviously a great American!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Orange vs. um, uh....

Just in case I'm too busy Saturday to post...

These two images demonstrate the basic difference in intelligence between Tennessee and Florida fans. The top pic was provided by a Vols fan. It shows a truck that is Orange and white. The Orange is just true Orange. The bottom pic was submitted by a Gators fan. I suppose they think that's Orange. It's not. It's no more Orange that the color on the UF uniform. It's a light, sickly red of some kind (scientists are still trying to determine what the actual color is).

That is all. Go Vols, beat FLA.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Work time for Vols

Most importantly: Let us never forget the victims of Sept. 11, 2001. Nine years ago today, at about this time, all those planes were in the air and our nation was about to be changed forever. The tragedy of that day, and of all our military losses since then, puts things like sports into true perspective.


So is reporting that UT's men's basketball program, more specifically its coaches, has been punished for giving false info to the NCAA. The BOVB's response: Who cares? It's basketball. The blog staff misses the day when no one even spoke about Volunteer basketball a) because it was boring and b) because it detracts from real sports like football, baseball, track and swimming.

But let's not be so negative. No, we want to begin today, the second day of the College Football Season, on a positive note. The good news is the Vols are playing No. 7 Oregan today at Neyland Stadium. W0ot! Bring on the ducks, baby! After last week's awesome opener against UT Martin (may their booboos and psyches heal quickly) Tennessee is stepping back onto the national stage. Let's all put on something Orange and root for a UT victory, y'all!

Go Vols!!!


PS - Oh, almost forgot. The photos. The top two were submitted by the BOVB's intrepid Yulee correspondent, Larry L. Both were spotted in Nashville. The bottom pic is provided by the blog founder's brother, Rodneyla, in Knoxpatch itself. Today's theme: Let's get to work, Vols!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Happy first day of college football season, everyone.

To celebrate, the BOVB proudly presents these two images provided by my brother, Rod, who lives up in Knoxpatch itself. The emblem on the hood says "Tesla," but I really have no idea what that is (maybe noted auto expert R.A. Elsea can shed some light on that for us by posting a comment below??)

Either way, it's time to start your engines cuz it's FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!!!