Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Houghton hits a Big Orange homer!

It was three or four blistering Florida summers ago when Shannon Houghton was tearing it up as a reporting intern at The Times-Union here in Jacksonville. She turned routine stories into great stories, and great stories into even greaterer ones. She hit home run after home run and then left us for the Great Northwest.

Well clearly time and distance haven't lessened Shannon's ability to smack back-to-back dingers over the wall, y'all! Check out this e-mail received at BOVB HQ today:

On my way home today, I saw two Orange cars back to back in Seattle. I was on my way home from a hike, and I pulled my car over a block away after I realized what I had seen. My boyfriend Toby thought I was completely insane, but I made him surrender his camera so I could get a picture to send to you. [Editor's note: OMG I think I am going to cry!]

The first Orange car was a great creamsicle color and it has some writing near the front wheel well, but I don't know what that means. The other one was a nice pumpkin shade. Let me know if you don't receive the pictures properly or anything. Enjoy, and I hope this is of interest to you! Take care!

Yes, Shannon, it's DEFINITELY of interest and finding two OVs parked together is a first on the blog, so congrats on going above-and-beyond once again!

The BOVB staff (i.e., me and kitty) join the rest of Orange Nation in celebrating your dedication to getting the pic and story, even at the risk of ridicule from your dumbfounded BF! (Who we think is great too for providing the camera).

Wow, dude, you rock.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's an Orange Thing, baby!!!

Wow, talk about the Holy Grail, the Motherload, the Big Enchilada, the Precious!

There have been many major firsts on the Big Orange Vehicle Blog. There was the first Orange Lamborghini. There were first helicopters, airplanes, golf and shopping carts lawn mowers, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, construction equipment, boats, etc etc etc.

But not until today have we had an Orange Thing -- as in VW Thing! And for that we can thank super awesome cool dude Tom Szaroleta. Tom is the assistant features editor at The Florida Times-Union and once even held the title of Fun Editor.

Well it sure was fun getting an e-mail from Tom a week or two back that included this photo and this simple message: "Spotted 6/12/09 at Sea Pines Racquet Club, Hilton Head Island, S.C.

The VW Thing is a legend, having been sold in the US for only a couple years in the 1970s (click HERE for thorough history). Fortunately, when I was in college a friend had (and still has) a yellow Thing, in which I have ridden many a mile throughout East Tennessee.

But it was no match in beauty this Thing that Tom has wrought. My only complaint is that he didn't steal it and give to me as a birthday present -- My Precious!

Oh, sorry. Anyway, let us simply rest our gaze upon this wonderfully Orange Thing.

Thanks Tommy!


Orange Ranger, Schneider

Oooops, I should have included these in yesterday's housekeeping post. Sorry.

The Ford Ranger pickup is a contribution from Diane Whitten (aka Diane Lee), former owner of now-closed Uncommon Grounds coffee/hangout joint and a currently super cool person who can be found simultaneously in Riverside and Springfield 24 hours a day, it seems.

The Schneider semi was spotted by my former co-worker and still-awesome person Jenna Lehtola on I-75 somewhere in Georgia during a recent family vacation. Sweet.



Friday, June 19, 2009

Clearing the OV backlog

I did it a couple weeks ago and it's time to do it again: clear out some OVs that have been backlogged for quite sometime. Here's a quickie on the submissions:

The Ford F-150 pickup was submitted by Times-Union military writer Timothy Gibbons, I'm assuming in Jacksonville, just a few weeks back. Thanks, Tim, you are now a man!

The work truck was spotted somewhere in or near Knoxville, Tenn. by my brother, Rod Brumley, who's become a dedicated submitter and follower of the BOVB.

The Corvette (yes, it's really Orange but doesn't really look it in this photo) I spotted on I-95 Northbound two or three months ago. This marks the first Corvette to appear on the BOVB (i think).

If you've submitted a vehicle and never seen it on the BOVB, just e-mail me and I'll get it up there.

Oh, and one more THING: be sure to tune into the BOVB on Sunday. I have super secret special surprise of an OV coming for Father's Day!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Orange "SAV"

This is the holy grail. After spotting an Orange Land Rover in San Marco a few weeks ago I put out the call: get me a pic of one, somebody. And guess what: Turns out Robb Geier in Columbus, Ohio had already sent me one.

And here, at last, it is: The elusive Orange Land Rover. Even in this photo it appears to be making its escape. He said his term for it was "Suburban Assault Vehicle." Awesome.

The staff here at the BOVB is grateful for this pic and can't wait to snag a BO Land Rover parked somewhere to get full front-and-back shots.

Thanks RG!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

BOVB Celebrates 6 mo!!!

I hear it all the time from friends: "I see Orange vehicles everywhere I go now because of your blog."

The comment is often delivered with equal amounts of disbelief and exasperation. It's always music to my ears because I am spreading the Joy of Orange one photo, one person at a time.

And guess what: It's been six months today!

It's hard to believe the Big Orange Vehicle Blog has hit the half-year mark. Sunday, Jan. 14 was the day my friend Tracy Gallavan, breakfasting at the Metro Diner, casually said to me: "Look at that Orange car." I turned around to see the most amazing, beautiful Lamborghini Murcielago. (Here's a link to that first post).

At the time I was just posting pics of OVs randomly on Facebook. But seeing that awesome OV convinced me the subject that was too big, too important for Facebook. It needed to be its own blog.

Since then many friends and family have submitted photos. They've come in from places like Colorado, Ohio, Tennessee and (duh) Florida. A pal in Japan has submitted several pics from the Land of the Rising Sun. I am excited and grateful for all the submissions. THANK YOU!

So today's pic is especially appropriate. It's TU lifestyle columnist Laura Capitano's first submission (the car was spotted near the Main Street Bridge in downtown Jax). As those of you who have submitted pics can testify, having one of your photos show up on the blog is a major milestone; most other accomplishments in life pale in comparison.

The pic is also perfecto for the day because I am pretty certain this is also Lamborghini. Even if it isn't, it's awesomeness matches that of the very first OV documented on the BOVB, and so it's a fitting candidate for today's anniversary and stuff.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Killer Orange

This here's one of them little hipser doo-dad vehicles, this one spotted by Jacksonville's Melinda Kurtzo sometime time back. I am posting it now after she almost put a hit out on me for taking so long to publish it on the BOVB.

We can understand her passion. First, the BOVB is the awesomest blog there is, showing the coolest vehicles (because they are Orange and stuff). Getting a pic on the blog is an achievement that some people other than me would say rivals space flight, childbirth, etc. In other wordz, it's really, really special.

And we're calling this the Killer Orange Vehicle because, well, Melinda almost killed me for not putting it on the blog soon enough.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Proper vacation utilization

Hats off to Florida Times-Union page designer Alison Powers.

Why? No, not because she is the Morris Communications Designer of the Year, although that's pretty cool.

No, it's hats off because she knows how to properly utilize and maximize her vacation enjoyment. How? By being ever alert to the presence of OVs and having a camera ready!

She snapped these pics during her ongoing trip to St. Louis. While enjoying the presence of her family and seeing the musical "Rent," her biggest highlights were spotting the funny beer-transport vehicle at the Anheuser-Busch facility. She was even on it upon landing, snapping the pic of that big Orange aircraft from out the window of her plane.

Now she can come home truly relaxed and with a feeling that her vacation really mattered.

Congrats, Alison. Orange Nation salutes you. I hope more people will follow your BO example (ha ha, BO in this case meaning Big Orange).


Saturday, June 6, 2009

What OV is this?

My strength is Orange. In other words, I can tell good Orange from bad Orange. Texas Orange from Auburn Orange. And, of course, Tennessee (i.e. pure) Orange from other Orange.

What I am not strong on is cars. So when I say this pic is an Orange Vega, I could be wrong. Let me know if you know what kind of car this is.

I am not sure where it was photographed (probably in Missouri), but it was shot by Gary Mills of The Florida Times-Union/Jacksonville.com.

Thanks G. You've made a difference in the world!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Orange week @ the beach

I've had a great vacation this week. Very relaxing. Monday I got lots of chores done. Tuesday I discovered Hanna Park, which abuts Mayport Naval Station and has a relatively remote beach. Wednesday went shopping. Thursday (today) I hung out in Neptune Beach all day, beginning with 9 a.m. (free) yoga at MBody, breakfasting at Ellen's Kitchen, lunching at El Potro's (in Jax Beach) and finally heading home in the evening. Tomorrow I'm getting a manicure, catching a movie and probably more yoga.

All along, I've been seeing Orange vehicles. I chose this kayak because it reminds me of the ocean. And so does the other pic, which is a street in Neptune Beach that dead ends right into the Atlantic Ocean. It's my favorite street to park on, for obvious reasons.



What's with the new Orangeness?

Many of faithful BOVB readers have reported that, since reading the BOVB, they tend to see Orange vehicles (OVs) everywhere. The same has been true for me since launching the blog in January 2009.

But it seems like the past two or three months have revealed another trend: auto manufacturers are producing more Orange cars, trucks and SUVs. At least that's what it seems like.

Sadly, they are not making OVs in Tennessee Orange. Rather it's a metallicy kindof Orange. It's an Orange I would enjoy seeing every once in a while, but not every friggin day, like I am now.

And it seems like all the mfgs are doing it: GM, Honda, etc etc.

Pictured here are two examples that I photographed in the past few days. One is a Saturn SUV, the other a Honda Fit. I could produce many more. The question is: what made the carmakers to do this? Has market research shown people want more OVs?

Whatever it is, we here in the Orange Nation appreciate their efforts but want them to scale it back just a bit. Afterall, too much of a good thing -- even when it's Orange -- is never good.


Monday, June 1, 2009

New Cateogry: BO GOLF CARTS!

Even though I hope to be sleeping or at the beach most of the time this week, I do have some chores to complete during my staycation. One of them is catching up on some of the way overdue pics that friends have submitted for the BOVB. (And doing this right now beats cleaning the living room and doing laundry, which also are on the list).

And how could I not start the process with this photo? Not only is it just cool and a very nice Orange here, but it opens a whole new category of vehicles here: Golf carts! Yay.

That means the only thing we're lacking is submarines and trains (I think).

Anyway, this pic was taken and submitted by WOKV's ace reporter and anchor Tiffany Griffith, who said she spotted these in the Baymeadows area of Jacksonville around February 2009.

Sweet! Thanks Tiffany.