Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Boling Green State University lost their bowl game 43-42 to Idaho today.


Vols everywhere should be rejoicing because BGSU, with its totally fake Orange color scheme, is coached by former UT offensive coordinator Dave Clawson -- the man who single-handedly ruined Tennessee's offense in 2008 and helped caused the firing of long-time UT coach Phil Fulmer.

So hats off to Idaho -- now we can like you for something other than potatoes!

Let's celebrate by beholding these pick-em-up-trucks. The top'n was provided by Alison Powers, aka The Other AP, who spotted it at a gas station at Beach and Camden. The other'n I saw somewhere in Jaxburg but I forget where.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Decision time?

It looks like Orange Nation has to wait a few more days to learn if junior defensive back Eric Berry decides to go pro. CLK says he's not gonna worry about it, so why should we?


In the meantime I've decided to share these two pix. The top one was provided by Times-Union writer David Hunt, who made his BOVB debut several months ago with a cool Orange VW van. Good job again, D.

The bottom pic was provided by my brother Rod in Knoxpatch. He said he snapped it on the Strip, probably after a football game.

Thanks guys.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

T-t-t-trash Talkin

I was thinking of that Bee Gee's song "Jive Talkin" when wrote that headline. That's just an FYI.

What got me to thinking of that was the sweet UT trash truck (top pic) that James Rink submitted to the BOVB. It was photographed in Knoxville, he said. Ain't it grand? No debate there whether the vehicle is meant to represent the Vols and stuff.

James' submission reminded me that I had a couple old Orange truck photos in my phone, still, so I broke those suckers out and posted them here, too. The Allied moving van I spotted in the Riverside area of Jacksonville. I snapped the other photo in Knoxville in September, when I was there to see the dawning of the Lane Kiffin area as Tennessee opened its season against Western Kentucky (best football game I've ever seen; had way bunches of fun).

Anyhoo . . . thanks, James, for the most excellent Big Orange trash truck. Keep 'em coming.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What I like about Georgia

I just wanted to give a shout out to for reminding me just how lucky Big Orange Nation is that the Vols are headed to a bowl game — even if it is in Georgia. Let's not forget that by this time a year ago, college football was over for us here on old Rocky Top.

A story the Web site published a few days ago quotes defensive end Chris Walker saying how he'd rather be working and sweating and preparing for another game vs. the alternative.


And since the team is headed to Atlanta for New Year's Eve, I figured it was a good time to roll out these two OVs, which were sent to me by a reader from Savannah. Just goes to show there are some good things up in the Peach State.


PS -- the VW: definitely Orange. The pickup truck: That's Florida red if I've ever seen it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Orange vibes

All this talk of NCAA investigations into Tennessee's recruiting practices is gloomy stuff. I hope the organization does a thorough, fair probe and I hope it turns out Lane Kiffin and his staff did nothing wrong and stuff.

But let's not get overly focused on the negative. On the up side, the Vols are practicing for their upcoming bowl gig against whoever and it's great to have a few more stories to read about Big Orange football.

OV-wise, these two pix should boost anyone's spirits. The VW van I spotted during a recent lunch in Neptune Beach. I photographed the Orange cab in downtown Minneapolis back in September.