Monday, November 26, 2012


On I-95 in Georgia.

Monday, November 19, 2012

making Orange history

Back in olden times, we used to march out of Neyland Stadium chanting "it's be...a Tennessee Vol, I said it's be..." etc, over and over again. That was awesome. 

That was also, like, 100 years ago. I think the last time UT defeated another SEC team was the same year Stonewall Jackson led the charge of the lite beer brigade against the Germans at Pearl Harbor during the Spanish-American War of 1812.

In other words: Practically never. 

Meanwhile, while Orange Nation awaits its messiah, check out today's OV. It comes from AOPA's Air Safety Institute Facebook page. (Tennessee's football program came immediately to mind when I saw it.)

Friday, November 16, 2012


In honor of the Thanksgiving theme of gratitude and stuff, the BOVB will be providing readers with an Orange-o-Plenty during the next couple of days. The purpose of this niceness is twofold: to show a seasonally appropriate spirit of givinghood, and to clear out a year-plus supply of OVPs (Orange Vehicle Pics) to make way for the new year. Lucky you. 

This top pic was provided by Rod "Rodneyla" Brumley, which I presume he snapped in Knoxville, center of the Orange universe, aka unOverse and OrangeOverse (yes, I made that up, it's trademarked and copyrighted).

Next up is a UT Mustang that Hoosier Dave posted on my FB page a zillion years ago from somewhere up in Indiana.

This last one for today is weird little VW Bug a Knoxville dude named Eric tagged on FB. Thanks, man.

Peace, everyone.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

No longer AWOL

The BOVB is back, y'all! Let us all share a moment of silent joy to soak up the gratitude that this momentous moment.  Then feel free to dance around your home in celebration.

OK so what happened was I got busy in the summer of '11, did a bunch of traveling and then forgot the password to the BOVB site. It didn't help that the Vols sucked really bad, neither. 

Resetting the password of the blog and related email accounts required skills on par with Bletchley Park and Joe Rochefort's boys at Pearl.

Enough of that. Just feast your thirsty eyes on this beautiful Orange Porsche spotted by Dave Brake up in Indiana sometime in '11. 

There's a huge backlog of pix to get through, but if you spot a cool OV, snap it and send it in to In the meantime, feel free to just scroll through the last few years of OV pix on the site.


No Longer AWOL