Saturday, July 23, 2011

catching up

here are some pics that have accumulated and need immediate posting. The top is a bike I spotted in Atlantic Beach. The sailboat and tractor were submitted by Dave B., the BOVB's Indiana correspondent.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Been a long time

Sorry for the delay in postings, folks, but the BOVB staff has been on a combination of vacation and furloughs as we try to reinvent the blog reading experience. Our editors have been fanning out across the nation attending cutting-edge seminars designed to make your visit to the BOVB a more meaningful and exciting one.

That said, we know many of our contributors have been a bit flustered lately with the lack of posts. Rest easy, we have all your pix and will start posting them more regularly as the most important season of the year -- college football -- nears.

This'n here was submitted July 12 via Facebook by Anna Adams, who spotted it (I believe) in California, or at least somewhere out there on the Left Coast. "This Orange baby is perfect for sharing a nice top-down summer ride with that 'special someone,'" she said. "Or, a balls to the wall night time swamp bogging expedition."



Saturday, July 2, 2011

BIG BOVB spotted by super sleuth

Man, you gotta love these old-timey pre-SUV SUVs. BOVB's roving correspondent Clay Logan spotted it parked in the front yard of a Jacksonville mobile home recently. Kudos to Clay for seeing it, snapping a pic and sending it in to the BOVB! (WTG, dude!)

BTW, Clay is our youngest correspondent to date, which a) makes him really cool and b) should send a message to parents everywhere that their kids should be contributing to an awesome cause like the BOVB.