Sunday, January 30, 2011

Orange Envy in Georgia?

Yes, more evidence that Georgians have some serious Orange envy. This here truck was spotted up in the Peach State by one of the BOVB's stalwart correspondents.

Hey, if my favorite team's uniforms looked like Georgia's do, I'd be subconsciously longing for glorious Volunteer Orange, too. Just sayin'.

Go Vols!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Signs of intelligence in GA??

It's a little bit blurry and obviously a small file, reminiscent of those grainy spy photos of Soviet fighter planes from the Cold War.

And this has the same potential impact, culturally speaking. This Tennessee-Orange dune buggy was spotted in Georgia and offers yet one more sign that people in and from Georgia might be developing some class. Of course, we wouldn't want to jump to conclusions about our Bulldog friends, even optimistic conclusions.

Yet the proof is there. BOVB correspondent Larry L. has so far sent us three photos of OVs he spotted in Georgia recently (we'll publish the third here later), indicating that there are signs of human intelligence in the Peach State.

Stay tuned to the BOVB for more on this developing story and stuff.


PS -- and btw, this has nothing to do with the Tennessee's trouncing of Georgia in basketball the other night. The BOVB staff does not consider hoops to be a relevant sport.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Georgia peach

Had to put this one up. A Dodge wrecker spotted by BOVB regular Larry L. on US 17 near Kingsland, Ga. Who says Georgians don't have taste?