Friday, February 27, 2009

Orange aviation!

Later this morning I'll be hopping on a plane to visit my folks in Nashville. The anticipated plane ride (on Southwest, my fav airline) reminded me of this sweet Orange helo photographed by Larry last weekend at an airshow in Keystone Heights, Fla. (And that's Kris leaning on the front in an effort to hide a UF logo painted on the nose).

This photo marks a milestone for the BOVB because it's the first aircraft photo posted here. FYI, an Orange vehicle is any mode of transportation that is, well, Orange (duh). So a big hoo-rah to Larry and Kris for finding this one and passing it along.

Next it would be great to score Orange boats, trains and airplanes. So keep your eyes peeled and remember to pass along your pics to


PS -- My brother Rod and I spotted a train in Missouri a couple weeks ago being pulled by at least a half dozen Orange engines. I had to fight the urge to pull a U-turn and go chasing after it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Debating the all-Orange look

Tennessee fans know that the Vols take the field in all-Orange uniforms now and then. Some people hate it. Some people love it. I'm one of those who loves it.

I do believe it needs to be only on special, celebratory occasions. Like maybe the team should break out the solid-O only on the last home game of a season in which they win they clinch the SEC East.

As a student, I saw them go all-Orange in person only once. If memory serves, it was the final game of the 1985 season. The Vols played Vandy and afterward went on to play Miami in the Sugar Bowl (a game I also attended . . . and Oh man, what a game THAT was . . . UT beat the heavily-favored Hurricanes 35-7). Anyway, it was sweet seeing the Vols in all-Orange and after the victory we stormed the field.

That said, isn't this all-Orange semi, like, totally sweet and stuff? Larry from up in Yulee e-mailed it to last weekend, having spotted it on a roadtrip to Keystone Heights, Fla. That solid Orange looks, like, totally awesome against a green background -- just like the Vols do when they wear their all-O unis at Neyland.


Monday, February 23, 2009

A (Orange) sign from God

So the other day, right, I get a FaceBook message telling me I have to let go of this Orange obsession . . . referring, of course, to the BOVB.


Of course, I never gave it serious consideration. I was at the YMCA at the time and just giggled and thought about all the different witty responses I could respond with.

But when I exited the Y this awesome 1956 Chevrolet was there to greet me. It was parked right in front of the doors. I was stunned by the timing of it and by the fact that I had never seen this beautifully-Orange vehicle at this Y the three years I have been working out there. So the only logical explanation is that this is a sign that God approves of the BOVB.

It's owner welcomed the timing as well because he is trying to sell this gorgeously-Orange classic. Anyone interested in purchasing it should call Larry at (904) 388-6558, or e-mail him at He said it's going for $5,000 OBO.

O man I'd definitely buy it if I had a few extra Gs laying around.

Larry said he bought this Chevy in 1963 and that it's got close to 97,000 miles on it. The inside is a bit beat up. "That's my security system," Larry said. Spare parts are readily available online and it's a joy to drive.

Whoever buys it, I hope they keep it in Riverside so I can see it for years to come.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spanking the Beavers

OK, I am going to diverge from the usual Monday-Wednesday-Friday BOVB schedule to proclaim the good news that many people may have missed while concentrating on less important issues (like the economy): Verily I say unto you that Tennessee beat Oregon State 5-4 in baseball Friday night!

What a way for UT to open its 100th baseball season. Yippieeeee.

It seems the game was quite a barn-burner, with the Vols scoring four of their five runs on two-out hits and clinching the game by scoring two runs in the bottom of the ninth to whoop the 25th-ranked Beavers. Dang, I wish I coulda been one of the 2,048 in attendance at Lindsey Nelson Stadium!

Of course it's a bit soon to get too excited about this victory because it's a long season. But it's exciting to see UT pull one out a dramatic victory like this in game one.

The Vols' achievement has inspired me to pull out one of the best pics yet submitted to the BOVB, this totally awesome Orange VW photographed in Jacksonville earlier this week by pro shooter Bruce Lipsky.

In the e-mail delivering the pics, Lipsky (a Florida grad) correctly described this VW as being painted in beautiful, pure UT Orange.

Orange Nation celebrates Lipsky's sharp eye for untainted Orange as much as we celebrate the opening of the college baseball season. Thank you Bruce, and thank you Vols!


Friday, February 20, 2009

On Kiffin, sledge hammers and garbage trucks

Sometimes the subtle approach is the way to go. Other situations call for a sledge hammer. The key is knowing the difference.

Orange Nation hopes CLK (Coach Lane Kiffin) knows the difference. Kiff has made quite a splash in the Southeastern Conference the last few weeks with his brash statements about other coaches and programs.

The result has been a few reprimands from the SEC, a wrist slap from the university and -- best of all -- a host of PO'd UF and Alabama fans, coaches and columnists.

“My goal was to be the least popular coach in the SEC,” UT hoops coach Bruce Pearl told the Knoxville News-Sentinel about his first year on the job. “It took me one year. It took Lane Kiffin one week.”

Kiffin came back with this comment about all the cry babies out there:

“We’ll make sure that we don’t offend anyone in the conference or any other school. We’ll be very nice.”

Ha ha, awesome. (Click here to read more of that article).

So, clearly, CLK has opted for the sledge hammer approach -- and we're hoping his win-loss record will back him up.

To honor Kiff's in-your-face style, the BOVB is rolling out this obviously-Tennessee Orange garbage truck, which fellow UT grad and Jax resident Craig TerBlanche photographed in Knoxville recently.

Sweet, dude. There's no way poser-Orange schools like Texas, Syracuse and Florida can say "nah, that's our half-assed Orange."

Sometimes, the BOVB presents images that gently satisfy every human being's scientifically-proven need for Orange. Sometimes it just needs to be crammed down their throats. I think this pic, like CLK hisself, does a fine job of that.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alternative modes

It's hard sometimes to remember that there are legitimate sports other than college football.

Like hoops (which I still can't get excited about) and golf and track and swimming (which the Vols are rockin in this year).

OMG: and baseball.

Don't roll your eyes. College baseball rocks. True, the aluminum bats are hard to get used to, but they beat the steroids in MLB. Personally I'd rather watch UT baseball than hoops any day (which, BTW, I'll be doing in March when a pal and I head to Gainesville to see UT play FLA . . . Click here to see the baseball sked.)

In the realm of vehicles it's also good to remember there are alternate modes of transportation. Exhibit A are these two Orange bikes photographed by John Knorr in Japan last month.

"Hey Bubba," John began his e-mail. "I am surrounded by Orange transportation. More than I would ever have imagined before looking for it."

I'm hearing that from a lot of folks lately, and it's fulfilling for me to know the BOVB is increasing people's Zen-like awareness of their surroundings and, therefore, quality of life.

And we should all try to remember that it's good for the body and soul if we can cycle now and then — especially if it's on an Orange bike.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Nashville pick(me)up

Sorry for the late blog posting today. I've been in airports most of the morning and just now got home and rested up enough to tackle the BOVB.

It was a whirlwind, travel-heavy weekend for the Brumley family. Saturday morning I flew from Jax to Nashville, then drove with my brother and dad to Russellville, Ark., where we met up with my mom at my aunt's. Sunday the four of us drove two or so hours north to Branson, Mo., to attend a memorial service for my uncle, Tom Brumley, who died unexpectedly a couple weeks ago at age 73. (Click here to see his Web site). Then we made the long haul from Branson to Nashville Sunday night and I was back on a plane Monday morning.

Physically, it was an exhausting trip. But emotionally, it uplifting to see my aunt, cousins, their kids and hundreds of others who turned out for the memorial.

That said, it was also great being back in Tennessee, because I-40 between Nashville and Memphis was crawling with Orange vehicles of all makes and models. And that reminded me of this sweet Orange and white Jeep pickup snapped by Jeff Hite in Nashville recently. He snapped it driving by LP Field (home of Titans).

"Love the orange blog. I'll be sending many more. Keep it up..." he wrote.

That you can be sure of. Keep the pics coming.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Dreaming in Orange

So, like, wow, I had a totally Freudian/Jungian Orange experience during sleep this morning.

In the dream, I was driving behind an Orange sedan when a bunch of money and documents fell out of it somehow without the driver knowing. So I pulled over to gather the stuff and was about to take it to the police station (for real) when the car pulled up.

The dude was grateful and offered me a cash reward, but instead I asked if I could take pictures of his car for my blog, instead. He sure sure. But when I started photographing I noticed that he had parked beside some Orange construction equipment, effectively camouflaging the sedan. I then became frustrated that I couldn't get a usable photo of the car.

OK, so my question for Lauren in Colorado is: what does THAT mean?

While we're waiting for her answer, let's gaze upon these Orange trucks, which I photographed in January and February in Jacksonville. Just as the Vols' Orange does in college athletics, these trucks add a bright spot in on otherwise gray setting.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Texas/burnt "Orange"?

I'd be curious to know what people think of this Harley I captured on I-95 northbound Tuesday night.

Speciifically, is it true Orange or not? Seems to me more like a Texas "Orange," what is called "burnt Orange." I don't buy it. If you have to stick an adjective in front of it, it ain't really O.

But that's just me.


Monday, February 9, 2009

A club I'd love to join

So I wanted to relaunch the BOVB in style and on Saturday the Universe saw fit to put this gorgeous Orange Porsche 914 right in front of me. I was headed north on Jefferson Street in Jax. As I veered right to get on Riverside Ave., the 914 veered left to head toward I-95. That's when I snapped this pic.

I saw a lot of 914s as a kid growing up in LA. I had totally forgotten how much I love this model of Porsche. I used to fantasize about owning one.

Seeing this Tennessee Orange one not only revived but intensified that wish. Of course I'd have to find an Orange one. If I did, I would join 914 owners' clubs, constantly surf 914 Web sites and add my pics to the gazillions of photos already out there (including a lot of Orange ones).


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Taking a few days off

Due to a death in the family, I am going to take a few days off from the BOVB. I appreciate the handful of folks who've been reading regular, like. Look for a resumption of OVs either this weekend or early next week.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In a hurry today, so . . .

. . . I am just going to leave you with this Orange Charger, which I saw heading northbound on I-95 in Jacksonville in late January.

I took the pic despite having run a photo of a similar OV last month. I do so because I am seeing these all over town. They're all over the Web, too.

At any rate, since I'm in a hurry and need to rush off to school, I figured I post a pic of a fast car.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finding Orange in unexpected places

If you ever wanted proof that there's an Orange lining to every cloud, it's this beautiful 1979 VW bus. The reason it's so joyful, in addition to his high-vibrating positivity, is because the pic was provided by a Gator fan.

"This is my son Brett's beloved 1979 orange Volkswagen bus. Sad to say it's more Tennessee orange than Gator red, though don't tell him I said that."

That was from Sandy in Jacksonville, a co-worker and devoted UF fan/alumn. And here she is, showing she can tell good Orange from bad!

Of course Tennessee fans are desperate for anything positive these days, and we sure ain't getting it from the gridiron. News from Knoxpatch is that UT had a "rocky" recruiting weekend. Yikes.

But there is good news in Orange Nation if only we look for it, y'all:

* Like how about that men's hoops team putting the chomp on the Gators Saturday night?

* Or hows bouts the men's golf team kickin butt and taking names out Arizoni Way?

* Our baseball team is getting a lot of attention, and not just because it's fixin to start its 100th season.

* Tennessee's softball team has been picked to finish strong in the SEC East this season. Rock on!

* Oh and let's not leave out track and field, where our men and women are tearin' it up!

The BOVB is grateful for the pic, Sandy. Thank you! Because it's a reminder that Orange comes in all shapes and sports.


Monday, February 2, 2009

This (pic) doesn't suck

So it looks like Tennessee is expected to have a sucky National Signing Day this week. reports that a lot of dudes Coach Kiffin hoped to snag, and who may have shown some initial interest in the Vols, retreated from the scene. That sucks.

But what totally doesn't suck is this badass armored personnel carrier/tank that my nephew Andrew spotted in Knoxville, the Mecca of Orangeness, last week. Apparently it belongs to a unit known as The Big Orange Army.

"i saw the tank on tuesday but didn't have my camera so i went back on thursday and took several pictures," Andrew said in his e-mail. "i even ran out in the middle of the road in order to take the best pic but do to shutter delay it was just a picture of the f-150 i was almost hit by, but i got a couple good ones."

The BOVB discourages anyone from running into the road to snap pics of OVs, but I must agree with Andrew that he got a couple good ones.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

NFL "Orange," Pt. 2

Orange can be found just about anywhere if you look for it.

Anywhere, that is, except the NFL.

Please don't respond that the Cincinnati Bengals use Orange. OK, it might be a cousin of Orange, but their tiger-striped helmet is closer to UF red than anything.

The Cleveland Browns, you say, have Orange helmets. Don't go there. I'm sure Syracuse fans would say that's Orange. Vol Nation knows better.

And what about Chicago and Miami, which use splashes of Orangeyness and occasionally break out the OJ's (Orange jerseys)? Well I'd say they're closest to real Orange. But compared to the Tampa Bay Bucs' former unis, you can see why they aren't authentic O, neither.

But what is Orange, I say on this Super Bowl Sunday, are these shoes I photographed Jan. 31 at a Jacksonville thrift store.

Notice how they draw the eye. Notice how they radiate joy in that sea of drabby brown and gray. Tennessee-Orange jerseys taking the field do the same thing in the college sports world. It's too bad it doesn't happen in the NFL.


PS -- Shoes are considered modes of transportation here at the BOVB. My friend Dan said they aren't, because they essentially function as tires do on a vehicle, but aren't vehicles themselves. My brother Rod says they are vehices, I reckon because you get in them to travel. The BOVB is adopting the latter policy.

NFL "Orange," Pt. 1

Here's all the "Orange" the NFL has to offer. At top, the Browns' helmet, followed by the Bengals' helmet, then the Bears and Dolphins in "Orange."