Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm totally (not) working

I'm on vacation this week and intend to spend most of it at the beach. I'm figuring I'll hit Crescent Beach, maybe Fernandina, maybe some place up in Georgia. Not sure yet. But I'll be getting plenty of surf and sun.

What I won't be doing is working and to celebrate that I thought I'd share this piece of road construction equipment. I'm not even sure what it is (I think it spreads tar on the street) but I know it's Orange.

Hats off to those of you punching the time clock this week. I'm happy to report I won't be joining you.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Next Orange (space) vehicle?

Is it just me, or does NASA have a thing for OVs?

This is the Constellation, which is America's next vehicle for delivering people to space.

I'm just saying.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

amended Z posting

Oops, forgot to add this side angle.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A big Orange Z - Sweet

Rocky Top Talk is one of the best UT sports blog/Web sites out there. I highly recommend everyone in Orange Nation read it regular, like. And it's especially true because the site is currently posting write ups about the 50 best football games under Coach Fulmer.

That's as cool as this Nissan Z that I found parked outside the YMCA in Riverside a couple weeks back. (I'm not sure if it's a 350 or 370 or whatever, but I am sure it's a very nice OV).

Also a note readers: For the remainder of the summer the BOVB will be on a once-a-week publication schedule. Look for it to be out on Sundays. The BOVB staff will be back at full strength in fall, just in time for Tennessee football ands stuff.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Orange Cougar??

OK car aficionados ... help me out here again. Obviously I have an eye for Orange but not for makes and models.

I spotted this awesome OV near the corner of Roosevelt and St. Johns recently. To me it looks like a Mercury Cougar. Is that right?

As far as the Orange goes: It's not pure Orange, but it'll do.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Orange Impala (?)

A friend from up in Nassau County, Florida, e-mailed this pic to me a couple weeks back and I was looking for the right moment to publish it (I believe this was spotted in Fernandina). Well, the right moment never really arrived so I am just sticking it up here for everyone to admire.

My guess is that this is a Chevy Impala. I'd be curious if anyone knows if Chevy made these in Orange, or if this was a later paint job? Also, anybody have an idea on what year we're looking at here? Late 60s? Early 70s?

This brought back some memories for me because our family had one or two Impalas when I was a kid. I remember a purple one, for sure; for some reason I am recalling a blue one, too, but not sure if that was ours or not.

In other news, let's celebrate its Orangeness just as we celebrate the success of some of our awesome UT track & field stars. It's good to remember that Orange -- and UT sports -- comes in many shapes and sizes.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Keeping your head in tough times

I had lunch with a friend and fellow UT grad who got laid off a few months ago. The dude is my total hero because he's weathering these uncertain times with calm and humor and a determination to find work to support his family.

That got me to thinking about the term "uncertain times." The phrases supposes that there are also "certain times." But there aren't. Not really. All there are are times when people think things are certain. In reality, they never are. The key is to keep your head no matter what the circumstances and I hope I can live by that knowledge if and when I hit rougher waters.

Not to get all philosophical and stuff, but these thoughts came to me when I read a story about a 52-year-old graduate assistant who will be coaching America's Team, aka the Tennessee Volunteers. By no means is this some miraculous rags-to-riches tale, but it serves as a reminder that you're never too old to go back to school! It also reminds that one should never be above taking a "demotion" if it means following your dreams and stuff.

How does that tie in with the photo of the Orange mowers? It doesn't. So get over it. (Ha ha ha jk jk).

I just liked the pic, which was provided by my brother Rod Brumley, who spotted them at a Home Depot in Knoxville earlier this month or late in April. If I had the money I'd buy the lot of them and park em just like that in front of my apartment.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Orange roundup

Well it's been an interesting week for the citizenry of the Orange Nation. If you will, I will provide a brief roundup:

1) We learned that UT QB Jonathan "city of" Crompton graduated with his bachelors but will remain on the team as a graduate student in sports psychology, according to aka the Knoxville News-Sentinel. I guess this is good news. Let's just hope Crompton finally learns how to play his position.

2) We had some more good recruiting news. Turns out Tennessee beat out the Gators and Bulldogs to snag a coveted offensive lineman Jose Jose (for real; that's his name). He was wanted elsewhere pretty badly: He had scholarship offers from 19 schools, y'all.

3) The News-Sentinel pulled a really good move and posted some old-school UT football photos. Click here to learn more about that.

4) Good news from the softball diamond: The Lady Vols are in the NCAA and will be hosting a first-round game for the fifth year in a row. Yay.

5) We learned again that Coach Lane Kiffin has a very attractive wife. Maybe if he doesn't do so well the Vols can make her head coach. I could live with that.

6) There are TONS of Orange motorcycles out there, apparently. The ones pictured here were spotted by me (middle), by Rod Brumley (bottom) and by Alison Powers (top). Plus I've had two or three posts in the past couple weeks featuring sweet Orange motorbikes.

Like, what's up with that?


Monday, May 11, 2009

Atlantis: Ultimate BOV

I grabbed this pic of Atlantis off of

Usually Web photos don't qualify for the BOVB but I figured it's launch day so let's celebrate with the ultimate OV ever: a Space Shuttle.

If you're not in Florida and you still wanna watch today's 2:01 p.m. launch, just log onto NASA TV.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Orange on 95

Monday's looking to be a pretty busy day so I thought I'd post the BOVB a day early. And I'll make it quick.

On Saturday I drove 3something hours South on I-95 to Stuart, Fla., to go to some friends' wedding. On the way down, to help keep me awake, I counted Orange vehicles.

I counted 25 OVs on the Southbound leg, and 15 on the way back home on Sunday. The highlights were an Orange helo flying West over the interstate, and a bright Orange Ford Mustang that nearly ran me off the road.

Sadly, I didn't get pics of any of those really cool OVs. But I did manage to snap my first Orange minivan. Hope you enjoy it.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Orange dreams

Today's BOVB image is this Orange semi. It was chosen because it has a sleeper on the back with a tinted window which is very dark.

I see this truck and others like it at the Florida Times-Union parking lot all the time. It's with an outfit from Georgia called Howard Sheppard, Inc. They have awesomely Orange trucks, as this photo and their Web site attest.

Can you imagine the awesome naps that could be taken in that baby? Here's to long, restful naps!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Favre to the Vols?

Oh man, wouldn't that be awesome: Brett Favre QBing for the Vols?

Of course it's not gonna happen, but it's fun to think about having a veteran like that guide an offense decimated last year by that loser Dave Clawson. In fact wouldn't it be awesome if retired QBs were allowed to play one year in college after they leave the NFL? There could be a draft for them, with colleges bidding for their favors. It would be so cool.

Yeah, super cool like this Orange bike spotted at the St. Johns Town Center on Monday. I first saw it on the road and the followed the dude to his parking spot.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

What an awesome sight!


The off season, as off seasons go, has been about as good as you can get if your team went 5-7, including a homecoming loss loss to Wyoming, and lost your long-time coach.

It's been hoot watching Coach Lane Kiffin bring together a staff, recruit some awesome talent, piss off Gator Nation and, let's admit it, stick is his foot in his mouth here and there. (It's also been great keeping up with Kiff's Twitter account.) All the spring practice stuff and the Orange & White game were great to see and read about.

But dang it if it ain't time for some actual football, y'all!

I got the bug bad today after seeing Knoxville pal Bonny Millard's Facebook status update. Bonny said she "is missing me some football. Why did they kill arena football? Having to watch reruns on NFL channel. Don't want to wish away spring and summer, but I' ready for the gridiron."

Seeing the Vols take the field again will be as awesome as the beautiful Aronica Champ aerobatic plane. The Orange and white scheme is dead-on UT Orange, and it was spotted by UT alumn Larry Lyons a few weeks back at the Cecil Air Show in Jacksonville. Almost as gorgeous as those O&W uniforms are going to be taking the field against Western Kentucky on Sept. 5.

Can't wait.