Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Orange SLUT

Yeah you read that right. What of it?

Only it's not talking about a promiscuous someone but an Orange something, namely a street car in Seattle. The photo and explanations are provided by BOVB superstar Shannon Houghton.

"Toby and I were in downtown Seattle yesterday, where we saw no fewer than a dozen BOVs," she wrote a week or two back. "I'm sending my favorite to you first. This is the Seattle Streetcar."

Orange Nation is glad you did because the street car is cool and because it launches a whole new category of vehicle: trains/streetcars. I've been after an Orange train for some time. I spotted one in Missouri back in February but was unable to get a pic. This photo definitely scratches that itch.

Shannon, a teacher and former reporter, even provided a link to learn more about Seattle's transit system. She also explains that all the cars in the system are not Orange, but they are bright, cheerfully-colored vehicles.

And where does "slut" come into it?

"Originally, it was called the South Lake Union Trolley, because it circles the south part of Lake Union. Which turns into the convenient acronym of SLUT."

Ha ha, awesome. Click here here and here to read more about that.

Thanks Shannon (and Toby, for putting up with Shannon's OV hunting).


Saturday, July 25, 2009

A two-fer

Wow, I just looked at the date of my Big Orange Wiener post and realize it's been a week since I've updated the blog. OMG I am so sorry y'all. I picture the blog's half-dozen or so readers, their lives suddenly devoid of meaning and purpose, falling into existential crises the likes of which have not been seen for several days.

So allow me to present to you a sweet two-fer scored by's Joe Allen-Black.

"Took this shot the other day outside an Augusta Greenjackets baseball game," Joeski writes in an e-mail. "Can you believe two Orange vehicles just sitting there together?"

It is hard to believe, Joe, but I reckon it makes you believe in miracles, don't it? Plus it's cool because this marks the first time a Honda Civic (car on the left) has made it onto the blog.

Good job, Joe.


PS -- check in again Sunday for more proof that miracles really do happen. I got somethin' extreee special cooked up!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Big Orange Wiener

Reeeeeelaaaax. Please. And get your minds out of the gutter.

I'm talking about non-other than the famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

Hmmm, or should I say infamous, given that a Wienermobile crashed into a home in Wisconsin the other day??

Obviously that's not the kind of PR Kraft and its Oscar Mayer brand were looking for, so they were out in force at the Jacksonville Suns game Saturday night giving away little doo-dads and whatnots.

I didn't take any of that but I did take these pix with my trusty iPhone and stuff, figuring, hey, if that ain't Orange, nothin' is, right?


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breathtakingly Orange

I realized while checking Facebook this evening that my friend and fellow UT alumn Craig TerBlanche, along with his wife and son, is moving to Colorado in the next few days. It's kind of a bittersweet situation because Craig and I just became friends in the last few months, and I will definitely miss future lunches, breakfasts and UT games.

Craig's move reminded me of this sweet, Tennessee-Orange vehicle sent to me recently by my brother Rod who, I must say, has become OV Hunter Extraordinaire since the inception of the BOVB in January. He's totally outdone himself with this one.

And it reminded me of Craig's move because I thought, man, how fun would it be to use this car/truck combo thing (can a car person please tell me what this is??) to do a move?


Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet Lamborghini

Check this out, y'all.

Maria Coppola e-mailed me this beautiful Orange Lamborghini last week after spotting it on the road in Jacksonville.

At first the PR guru was bummed to learn that there have been Lamborghinis on the blog before. But I pointed out that it's only been twice PLUS Lamborghinis hold a special place here because it's what launched the BOVB in the first place!

so Yay! Keep the Lamborghini's coming, Sistah!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baddass, big Orange Camaro (right?)

I'm pressed for time today but just couldn't let the day pass without posting this awesome OV for faithful BOVB readers.

I think this is a Camaro. Don't know the year and stuff (someone ask Scanlan, please). Anyway it was submitted by faithful BOVB contributor Lauren Smart, who lives in Colorado.

Thanks Lauren. This is beautiful (and it's UT Orange, to boot).


Friday, July 10, 2009

First Chicago OV

Gotta give a shout out to my boy Gregg McCallister up in Chicagoland for this totally sweet, and very Tennessee Orange old-timey pick'em'up truck! He sent it in a while back and just thought it was long overdue.

And not to sound ungrateful, but the only thing that could make this truck better is if it had a bit white Power T painted on the side and it was carrying Peyton Manning and Tee Martin in a parade and stuff.

If anyone knows what kind of truck this is, I'd appreciate a comment either here on the blog or on Facebook.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

He ain't heavy, he's my (Orange) brother

I gotta say my brother Rod has been an excellent photographer of OVs, and not just run-of-the-mill stuff, neither. Almost every time he submits something it either starts a new category (he submitted the first BO Boat, shopping cart and lawn mower) or it's just effing amazing.

Like these shots here. Truly Orange, truly sweet and truly unforgettable (including my first Orange cab).

I've been hoarding several of his photos for a while but figured it's time to get em out there before he gets mad and stops sending them.

Thanks Rodneyla. You rock.


Orange "vehicles"??

OK, I'm pretty sure these are NOT vehicles. But my friend Diane Whitten, who continuously submits these kinds of photos, insists they are. She always has interesting arguments for these items' vehicleness. For example:

The strainer is a vehicle because, in this case, it transports green beans from the sink to the plate. (I agree it's Orange, but the cat, no so much).

The amplifier transports listeners via musical enjoyment.

The cigarettes are cancer delivery vehicles.

The fan transports air/wind from one location to another.

Personally, hmmmm, not so sure. But with arguments that creative, I had to post these pics (finally).


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Firsts on the BOVB are always special moments. So special, sometimes, that grown men cry at the very specialness of it.

Like the first time we had an Orange helicopter, boat, plane, etc etc etc.

Well get out yer effing Kleenex, Orange Nation, cuz we have another first: The first ever OV spotted and photographed in California!

That's Cali-fORANGE-ia now, y'all!

It's provided by metropolitan Super Girl Sylvia Gyrion, who in the space of just a few months went from living in New York City to Jacksonville to San Franciso. And we can see from the framing and focus of this here photograph that there's ORANGE in them thar hills (of San Francisco)! Oh yeah!

It's a sweet Honda Fit that fits nicely in the BOVB. Thanks Sylvioni -- you totally rock!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Orange dump

as in a dump of photos. I've been catching heat lately from folks for being slow to post OV pix they've sent me. and they are right. So here are several for your enjoyment. Submitters are

The Texas "Orange" pickup was provided by Times-Union writer Tia Mitchell, who can now retire because there ain't nothing bigger than being published on the BOVB.

Lauren Smart of Colorado sent the Orange scooter with sidecar from Boulder. She always sends great stuff. Oh and BTW the ruling is the scooter is Tennessee Orange. GO VOLS!

Diane Whitten supplied the pic of the ass-end of a 1956 Chevy. Definitely UT Orange.

Andrew Stewart of Knoxville sent in the Orange tiger slide. He said it's a vehicle because it transports, in his words, from "point a of the slide to point b." Can't argue with that.

More to come. Thanks everybody!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Worrisome QB situation

As a true American, I read all the Tennessee Volunteer news I can get my mouse on, and for the last few months it's been very interesting. But this headline on got my attention: "Kiffin says UT needs to get a quarterback."

Well, DUH!

That's not aimed at the headline writer, it's aimed at CLK, because, of course we need to get a QB.

The story quotes Kiff as saying this need is for the 2010 season. Heck, I'm still worried about the 2009 season. Has there been a miracle the last few weeks I haven't read about?

I'm still looking forward to the coming season, but I agree that this QB situation is making me nervouser and nervouser. I hope they get it figured out soon.


ps -- enjoy this Mini Cooper provided by super coolster Melinda Kurtzo. It's Orange, in a way, but it ain't Tennessee Orange, that's for sure. I'd put it closer to Texas or Syracuse, you know, in that sickly family of Orange some of the lesser schools use.

vacation/travel pics

A couple of people took trips the past few days and spotted OVs during their travels. Luckily, they were thoughtful and creative enough to get pics to share with the BOVB.

The top three photos were provided by Larry Lyons.

The first is a core drilling machine used to take core samples from beneath road beds. Larry saw it near Gallatin, Tenn., last week.

The second is a Cat 12G grader he spotted in Stewart County, Tenn. in an area known as the Land Between the Lakes.

Then there's a Kubota ATV photographed at the Fort Donelson National Battlefield in Nashville.

The very bottom pick is a sweet Orange sedan spotted by Chris and Joe Allen-Black as they drove back to Jax from North Carolina. Joe snapped the photo outside Macon, Ga.

Thanks guys! You've helped make the world an Oranger, and therefore better, place.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hats off to Scanlan

Times-Union writer Dan Scanlan has been a huge help to the staff here at the BOVB. As the TU's car guy, he's always coming through with car ID's (like I've said: I know Orange, I don't know cars).

Here's just one example of how Dan has helped. He was responding to a post about OVs spotted in Seattle:

The true orange car is a modified 1990 Acura Integra Coupe with front air dam, side skirts, rear fascia and a big-a** rear wing, plus it's been hunkered down and some nice alloys added. This wasn't a factory color, and the factory didn't put an Acura badge on the nose like this one. Seems to be in a bit of bad shape. Behind it, a much younger cousin — the first-gen 2007/2008 Honda Fit sub-compact, the color officially called (you are gonna love this!) Orange Revolution Metallic.
Truly yours..
The Car Guy

This stuff is great.

And then I got this e-mail at work recently:

The Florida Times-Union, reporter Dan Scanlan and videographer/editor Bill Bortzfield won a Gold Medal in the Concours class for “The 13th Annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance" entry. The entry included five on-line video reports from the event, including an exclusive interview with General Motors Vice President of Design Ed Welburn on the new Camaro, which broke new information on the car's then yet-to-be-seen interior. Multiple print stories included AUTOS section and Lifestyle Weekend section advance stories, a Metro follow-up, AUTOS section follow-up and winners list, a Business story on how well a high-line car auction went despite the economy, and specific stories on Trans Am racing cheaters, a story on concours guest Parnelli Jones and the premier of a new sports car called the Iconic Roadster.
The award was one of dozens handed out at the 18th International Automotive Media Competition on Thursday, June 23 at the
Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, Michigan. The IAMA's Lifetime Achievement Award went to automotive author and historian Ken Gross, while author Karl Ludvigsen won Best of 2008 for his book, "Ferdinand Porsche: Genesis of
Genius," published by Bentley Publishers.
This is the Times-Union's fourth IAMA gold medal in recent years. Last year, the Times-Union's entry on the 2007 Amelia Island Concours was judged Best of Newspapers.
Magazines, newspapers, television programs and on-line publishers from around the world submit stories on cars, automotive business, classic vehicles and other automotive-related events for review by a panel of judges, who award gold, silver and bronze medals.

Click here to learn more about Dan's work.

In the meantime enjoy the Orange Jeep. These pics were snapped by TU photographer Bruce Lipsky last week. BOVB staff figured this was a good selection for July 4 since nothing says "American" more than a Jeep painted in pure, UT Orange.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bear with us

This, clearly, is not a vehicle.

But it is Orange and it even says "Go Orange."

For that reason it will have to do until the weekend when the BOVB staff has time to post another OV photo. We apologize for the recent drop off in publication. It's just been a real busy time at work and school.

In the meantime, "Go Orange" and enjoy the cup photo, which was provided by journalist extraordinaire John Timpe